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Ed Stone


I’m Ed Stone, an artist living and working in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been exploring various creative fields, such as art, photography, writing, and design, for nearly 30 decades. My passion for visual and written expression is the driving force behind my work.

My artistic approach focuses on the creative process, allowing the present moment to guide each piece instead of fixating on the end result. As a result (and if I do things the right way), my work often evolves naturally, capturing the delicate balance between intention and spontaneity as I let the art form itself through the interplay of thoughts and ideas.

I work to embrace creativity in its many forms, and I often look for a profound connection to a deeper, wiser, and more childlike part of myself. And this connection serves as a wellspring of inspiration and balance, which enriches my life and creative practice. This process is like a dance, a harmonious interplay that celebrates the beauty of the present moment, intuition, and the joy of creation itself.